Lifelong Martial Arts

Missing Link Karate researches the roots of the art, and focuses on the old and holistic approach to fighting and health.

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One backbone of Missing Link Karate are flow drills (Renzoku-Waza). They fill the gap between formalised techniques and real partner work and fighting and open an important gate to Kakie (Push-hands) and the application of Kata.


Bunkai of Kata is the traditional way in which Karate should be researched. Kata contain a whole universe of knowledge and skills if approached in an open minded way.

Self defence

The practice of free application and flow drills in Missing Link Karate open a way of self defence that focuses on the individual skills and abilities of the martial artist.


What makes Martial Arts an actual art is not the creation of fighting skills. It´s the ability to keep a healthy and capable mind and body. MLK keeps this idea up and focuses on the health aspects just as much as on the aspects of fighting.

Missing Link Karate strives to connect Japanese Karate with its ancient roots in Chinese Martial Arts - and to the real core of fighting, health and asian thinking, beyond the limits of competitive sport.