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If you want to contact the Missing Link Karate Community

you can leave an eMail to the headquarter in Dortmund/Germany:

Hakutsurukan Karate Dojo
Bissenkamp 11-13
44135 Dortmund

or in the United Kingdom:

Manchester Karate Ltd.
Hill Quays, 14 Commercial Street
Manchester M15 4PZ


Fast and easy via eMail:

Missing Link Karate in Germany:

Missing Link Karate in the UK:


On Facebook:

A website like this is not always up-to-date, but our facebook sites definitely are:

Missing Link Karate Headquarter in Dortmund

Manchester Karate on Facebook


Links to our network:

This list will grow.

Mein Tempel – the comprehensive concept for health and well-being. 

ShoShin Projekt – the German network of Martial Arts teachers and explorers. 

Manchester Karate Dojo – the first Missing Link Karate dojo in the UK

Kiss of Health – the Health- and Wellness-Source online

Martin Nienhaus


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  1. Peter Kuhn says:

    hi everybody,
    i’d like to join your community!
    that’s it!
    looking forward to your reply

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